Objectives of the Programme

In the light of the philosophical orientation the broad objective of the department to train sociologists with a thorough grasp of the concepts, methods and theories of the discipline as a means of attaining a critical understanding of Nigerian Society from the past to the present, understanding how and why the society functions the way it does and being able to proffer ideas and suggestions as to what, in the light of the country’s experience and the experience of other societies, might be done to improve the conditions of the people of Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general.

These objectives are achieved through the following specific orientations:
  1. Encouraging students to learn to match theory with reality in a critical way.
  2. Incorporating into the departmental teaching programme, practical components such as field trips, practical projects, observational visits to places like police stations, prisons and juvenile institutions, ministries and parastatals, private companies, mental asylums, rehabilitation homes, industries, non-governmental organizations where students familiarize themselves with the practical ramifications of the issues and problems they learn in class.
  3. Students are required to write a project to demonstrate their understanding of issues in any area of their choice enumerated in (b) individually.