The Department of Sociology, Ahmadu Bello University was established in 1967. It has since then, in its teaching and research activities, distinguished itself by its conscious policy of Africanization. The first set of three students graduated in June 1970. The department students’ intake has continued to expand to a level where the department is now graduating on the average between 100 and 150 students every year at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Although the initial focus was to train high level manpower to fill the administrative, personnel and social welfare arms of the public sector, the department later broadened its curriculum to include courses designed to produce graduates who would fit into a broader spectrum of jobs in the civil service (Federal, State and Local), the parastatals, para-military organizations (e.g. police, customs, prisons, immigration, road safety corps etc) tertiary institutions, research institutes, private companies and corporations, media organizations, non-governmental organizations and international agencies.